Thank you for the Megaphone

IMG_5123Dear Mother-in-Law,

I’d like to publicly thank you for all of Colt’s wonderful Christmas gifts.

Specifically, the megaphone/bullhorn with siren.

We love it for so many reasons.

For one, I find that I am generally more alert now, and I wake up much faster.

When Colt sounds the siren, I actually LEAP out of bed in the morning!

We used to have to walk over to the neighbors to borrow a cup of sugar, but now we can use the megaphone right from our very own kitchen!

It’s exactly what we needed to help Colt prepare for his future career as a carnival barker.

Some of my friends’ kids received drum sets – literally child’s play compared to your gift!

Next year I can only hope for fireworks, live grenades or perhaps a cannon?

We hope to hear from you soon (if we have any hearing left.)

If you’re in the neighborhood, give us a shout.

Actually, we’ll give YOU a shout!


Your Grateful (and slightly deaf) Daughter-in-Law




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