Taking Your Child to Ybor City

Is a terrifying prospect for those of us from Tampa. But if you go on a Sunday afternoon armed with a family scavenger hunt it’s not so bad.

My son is 5, but you could change this up depending on your child’s age (or you could make it an “adult” hunt by adding line items like “local brewery”, “rainbow flag”, “panhandler” and “drag queen.”)

Colt squealed in delight every time he spied something from our list, and it was a good opportunity for us to practice his letters and numbers.

When we were done with our hunt in Ybor, we hopped on the TECO streetcar and trollied over to Channelside. (If you have a lot of time, you could go see the Florida Aquarium, but the scavenger hunt and lunch took us about three hours, so we were pooped!)


Family Scavenger Hunt – Ybor City

  1. A pirate
  2. The number “7”
  3. A brick wall
  4. A cigar factory/ or cigar maker
  5. A map
  6. A streetlamp
  7. A park bench
  8. A cobblestone street
  9. A railroad
  10. A cuban sandwich
  11. A trolley
  12. A haunted building
  13. A hotel
  14. A bowl of spaghetti (we ate lunch at the Spaghetti Warehouse)
  15. A pirate
  16. An american flag
  17. A bakery

The chicks were not on our list, but they were so cute, we had to take a picture!



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2 thoughts on “Taking Your Child to Ybor City

  1. Karen macaluso says:

    What a cute idea

  2. What a wonderful outing! This is a great idea. Wish I had thought of it when you were little, Julie! By the look on everyone’s face, I would say it was a fun day for all!

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