I Sat in It. I Didn’t Steal It.

I was leaving a sales call, heading toward my car in the parking garage.

I settled into my Prius and looked over to see a gray sweater in the passenger seat.

That’s funny, I thought.

I remembered bringing a black sweater to work today.

Then I noticed a water bottle in the cup holder. Hmmm, I had a Coke.

Suddenly I realized…

This is not my car.

This is not my car?


girl in car.jpg

I leapt out of the car, shut the door and looked around. I put my hands up. My heart was pounding.

Was I a criminal?

Should I leave a note?

Dear Ma’am,

I just sat in your car for approximately 30 seconds.

I noticed your gray sweater (which was super cute, by the way.) Don’t worry, I didn’t touch it, or anything else in your car, except for your seatbelt and steering wheel, which I feel really weird about.

Here’s my phone number in case you want to ask me any questions.

Based on your choice of beverages and non-existent carseat, you’re probably healthier, younger and cooler than me, but maybe we could be friends?

I’d love to hear how you manage to keep your interior so clean.

Too creepy?

I bet this is what it would feel like if your hotel room key opened the wrong door. And you didn’t realize it until you were sprawled out on the down comforter only to find someone else’s panties under the covers.

it makes me wonder  – who’s been sitting in my car?

I don’t mean to freak you out, but maybe you’ll pause a beat longer before leaping into the next car that looks like yours.

I know I will.

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2 thoughts on “I Sat in It. I Didn’t Steal It.

  1. Adrian Green says:

    Never managed to actually GET IN the wrong car lol. I have tugged on the wrong door knob or two before realizing I’m at the wrong car.

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