What it Means to Be Best Friends Forever

I have a hard time with change in my personal life.

Two examples: I married my first real boyfriend, and I’ve had all the same friends since middle school.

When I find a good thing, I just can’t let go.

Destin-ation 2015

Destin-ation 2015. We missed you Gina!

Like how I feel about Gain laundry detergent and Hebrew National Hot Dogs.

Most friendships disintegrate over time.

Looks tarnish. Picture frames get dusty. Conversations get stale.

The chemistry changes.

It’s not to say that the eight of us haven’t changed over the years – we have.

From awkward teenagers, to sexy sorority girls, to beautiful brides to MILFs. (Someday we’ll be the hottest damn bunch of Red Hat Society ladies you’ve ever seen.)

Marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, promotion, heartbreak, depression, new cities and new friends.

It’s hardened us. It’s softened us.

But together we feel like home.

We feel young, and pretty, and free again.

Our annual girls trip is like spending four days in a time warp.

It’s 1998 all over again (which P.S. was the year most current college students were BORN. Gross.)

Karen is still planning the day’s activites and Megan telling her how to do it more efficiently.

Amanda is doing impressions of Austin Powers, and Michelle is giggling uncontrollably.

Carla is exaggerating her story, but we forgive her because she has on the CUTEST outfit.

Is Kim STILL on the phone with Gibby?

Gina is dancing around the living room, and Julie is putting on her eyeliner – cross-eyed.

And so it goes for 17 years.

This year was the first time we decided to bring our husbands along.

We were apprehensive.

But as soon as Alastair started singing Wiz Khalifa and Todd started dancing like Magic Mike, we knew we’d made the right decision.

Our husbands were inseparable. They didn’t need us, the way we didn’t need them.

It certainly wasn’t a romantic getaway (except for Carla and Mike, you lovebirds, you…) more like a family reunion without the matching T-shirts (although we did have matching Tervis Tumblers thanks to Megan’s dad!!)

These went with us every where!

These went with us every where!

What I realized is that “best friends forever” takes work – a lot of work.

Just like a marriage.

It takes email chains with 10,000 entries and too many words.

It takes texting inside jokes at midnight.

It takes forgiving each other when we’re hurtful, and cheering each other on in beer pong.

It takes hugs, and apologies, and calling each other out when our underwear lines are showing.

It takes slapping each other in the face when we’re being crazy.

It takes never giving up.

It takes time.

If you want something bad enough, you work for it.

I vow to work harder this year on my friendships, and I encourage you to do the same.

They’re worth it.

I love you girls, and I can’t wait until Nashville 2016!

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7 thoughts on “What it Means to Be Best Friends Forever

  1. Amanda says:

    Love it Jules! Except now my Austin Powers impressions have turned into Alastair impressions….. “Merge of words.”

  2. hairjellies1 says:

    LOVE this post! As a fellow KHS/Gator grad I’m astonished & inspired as I observe y’all’s commitment investing in this bond you gals share with each other. For as long as I can remember the gang’s been a gang, lol! And you are SO right about it taking work. But the beautiful thing about planting is we never reap in the same season we sow. So each interaction, giggle, and hug only makes your roots stronger and deeper. I, too, have decided to be a better friend this year. Thanks for being a part of an awesome group of women who show me how it’s done!

  3. what an inspirational commentary on true friendship!! my best friends and I certainly share these sentiments for one another! we would love to hear more of your insight and hope you will give us a follow back to hear about our adventures as college aged bffs! xoxo AIE https://thingsthatcomeinthrees.wordpress.com

  4. Tara Fykes says:

    I love this post…and you…and I don’t want us to tarnish. Can we knock the dust off, soon?

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