Our First At Bat with T-Ball


Proud parents!

When I signed Colt up for T-ball four months ago, I had no idea what I was getting into.

We just survived finished our first season.

Once a week, I thought. A casual evening at the ball field.

(Wait, this is THREE days a week? Every week? For the rest of our lives!!!!?)

At least Colt was on the team with all of his friends, and by his friends, I mean my friends’ kids.

Thank goodness for those moms.

For remembering the sunblock as we fried together in the sun; the blankets as we huddled together in the wind; the coffee as we muddled through the early-morning games.

Thank goodness for those moms.

For reassuring me that my kid wasn’t an a-hole, when he screamed from second base, “Mommy, how come [insert name] never hits the ball?”

In the beginning it was basically a 45-minute free-for-all.

Nine farm goats running amok.

Colt sat down on the pitchers mound in the middle of the game. He dug for shells in the clay. He tried to eat the dollar weed.

At one point he just walked off the field because he wanted to go pet a dog.

“Get back out there!” I yelled, like the hardcore sports mom I am not.

Most of the kids were tiny.

Bobble-heads in oversized helmets and droopy pants. Colt’s XXXS-youth pants barely clung to his hips.

But I’m not sure all the kids were preschoolers. A few of them might have been…twelve?

In fact, I’m pretty sure they were hired to intimidate the other team of pre-Kers and get more hypothetical points on our hypothetical score board.

(That one kid was juicing for sure, and I don’t mean Mott’s.)


Our team running to receive their trophies!

Now that the season is over, Colt actually knows how to play T-ball!

He can throw and run, and sometimes he even hits the ball!

The other T-ball moms and I have bonded, and we will miss our time together very much.

photo 3-2

Colt and his first T-ball trophy

The best part of the entire season for Colt was getting his trophy, of course.

The first of many molded metal mementos to grace our mantle.

He wants to try soccer next season.

I’m not sure I’m soccer-mom material (I don’t drive a van and I always sometimes forget the snacks.)

But I’ll convince my girlfriends to force sign up their kids to play too, and we’ll get through it together!

Stay tuned….

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3 thoughts on “Our First At Bat with T-Ball

  1. Love the whole thing. You are amazing my sweet soccer-mom daughter! Great photo of Todd holding colt on his shoulders. I just love when he does that. So great! Love, Mom

  2. Lynette Ramer says:

    love this, you are soooooo good on getting on the “paper” so funny and so true…Love you

  3. Kristine says:

    Awesome post! And your little boy is one ‘Cute Pa-Toot’! Been there and done that so many times ! 🙂

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