Open the Door for Someone

I’m a sales rep on a college campus.

For my job, I often carry heavy awkward boxes for delivery, in a skirt and heels.

I cradle these boxes between my knees and elbows while trying to open the door with my butt.

Amazingly, no one ever seems to notice me wedging my ass in the doorframe.

I realize you can’t HEAR me over the deafening sound of your Beats by Dre headphones.

I realize you can’t SEE me beyond the Candy Crush game on your iPhone.

I realize you can’t SPEAK to me because we’re not utlizing SMS.

But somehow, perhaps by echolocation, you are managing to navigate the halls of this university.

So how can I echolocate you to…open the F&$KING DOOR for me!!!


This is not about men opening doors for women. It is not a feminist’s rant.

It’s about humans opening doors for humans.

Sure, I am MORE than capable of opening my own door – eventually. (Even if it takes two elbows, a chin and a butt cheek.)

But know that when I see YOU struggling, I will open the door for you.

Even if it means waiting an extra minute, pausing my game (I don’t play any of that sh*t anyway) or delaying my text message.

Growing up, I knew my mother loved me. I knew she thought the world of me – but I also knew the world did not revolve around me.

She expected me to do such old-fashioned things as smile at strangers. Speak when spoken to. Say thank you.

Being aware of others? That is so 1989.

We all need to be reminded (myself included) that simple acts of kindness are genderless. Ageless. Timeless.

And they are as endangered as the Bengal Tiger.

To illustrate this point…

A former coworker of mine, and recent college graduate, was asked by a manager to address and mail a package.

She obliged, and then quickly asked how to address and mail a package.


In her defense, she did know all the parts of an address, just not the order in which to put them.

Dumbfounded, I asked…

“But how do you send Christmas gifts to family that live far away?”

I take them to the UPS store.

“But how do you pay your bills?”

Online. Duh.

“But how do you send Thank You notes?” I asked.


In 21 years, this woman had never sent a Thank You note.

Not one.

I rest my case.

photo-25I challenge you to go do some good stuff for others.

And lets encourage our kids to do some too. There’s some evidence that it might even make them more popular in school.

I especially like this list of “gestures that never fail to impress” by a mommy blogger in Detroit.

Somewhere someone will thank you!

Just don’t expect a note.

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