Been Gone for a While, Now I’m off the Couch

I’ve been gone for a while – absent from the blogosphere for more than a year!

Why, you ask?

For many reasons, including but not limited to….laziness, depression, change in priorities, loss of interest, headache, fatigue…

Basically all the side effects of Cialis.

But now, I’m back!  A year older. A year happier. A little fatter.

Speaking of…I just started the Couch to 5k Running Plan.

From the looks of the website, this program came out in like 1995.

But it has a great reputation for helping one walk/jog (we’ll call it “wog”) his or her way to a running lifestyle, from a sedentary one.

I won’t go into detail about my every workout and what it entails, because I know no one gives a shit.

But I’ll say this…

It’s hard.

I don’t know who can get up from the couch and wog for 20 minutes, but I sure can’t.

I need the “REM sleep to 5K” plan.

Maybe we could do some light chair exercises before we start full on wogging?

It’s sad considering I took “Jogging” in college. (Yep, that’s a real class at the University of Florida.)

And I got a “B” in it.

That’s how NOT-athletic I am.

A “B” in F-ING JOGGING!!!! And that’s when I was young and spry and hot!!!!

Hot pink New Balance

Hot pink and navy New Balances! Delicious!

The real reason I decided to try and get fit at 31, is so I could justify using grocery money to buy these sweet hot pink kicks.

If you’ve had good luck with this program – leave me a comment about your success.

Maybe it’ll convince me to do more than just photograph my new shoes.

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7 thoughts on “Been Gone for a While, Now I’m off the Couch

  1. onomatopoeicbliss says:

    Welcome Back!!

    now get yer feet off the table😤

  2. Courtney Davis says:

    Julie!! First off, so glad you are back! And couch to 5k is hard, I definitely repeated a few weeks. But I was still able to wog a few 5ks without completing it!! I did not need to be that overachiever that ran the whole thing, I knew I was not going to win! But it makes me feel better just to move, so I try to do something on my treadmill at least a couple times of week. Keep going and miss you! We need an Ag Com Blonde Reunion!

  3. I did it 2 years ago, and am about to start it again, myself. Yes, its friggin hard! It just sucks that now it is starting to get really warm out. Ugh. You can do it!

  4. Lynette Ramer says:

    I am excited my beautiful niece is back blogging a d off course I LOVE THE shoes, do not think you shoule do that running and make the dirty!!! Love you Aunt Net

  5. Amans says:

    Yay Jules! So proud of you for doing this program! When you don’t want to do a work out or whatever it entails, think back to WHY you decided to start this program in the first place. Usually it’s a reason that means a lot to you and it’s a little easier to get motivated that way. Working out is YOU time and it’s your workout so make it as challenging or easy as you want. Just remember, if you change nothing, nothing will change! Also, wearing cute workout gear makes it so much more fun! So the shoe purchase was a great start! Can’t wait to hear how this works out 😉

  6. Patty Henderson says:

    Hey Julie- I really love hearing from women who feel inspired to rise above the everyday doldrums of life & take off in a new direction. Best of luck to you and know that there are lots of us out here rooting for your success.

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