More than 100 Outfit Ideas for the Normal-Sized Woman

For more than a year now, my best friend and I have exchanged outfit photos each morning.
See my outfits here.

See her outfits here.

It’s been a great exercise for me because it’s forced me to put more effort into what I wear (and come to grips with my body image – I’m a size 8, and that’s OK!)

I believe when a woman likes her outfit, she is more confident in her career, in her relationships and in her life!

More than 100 outfit ideas!

More than 100 outfit ideas!

Disclaimer: Please don’t judge me based on the crappy quality of these photos. Or my messy bedroom.

9 thoughts on “More than 100 Outfit Ideas for the Normal-Sized Woman

  1. Chandler, Craig K says:

    What a creative and colorful post!! You continue to amaze me!

  2. Love to see you smile! Just so pretty! The outfits you and Aunty Leigh Leigh have come up with are sooo cute. You all are amazing! Great post and fun to view. Love, Mom

    On Sat, Oct 5, 2013 at 8:18 PM, TheBedfordWife

  3. Karen Pryor says:

    In the same vein, Did you see the “tube dress” that Helen made a few episodes ago on “Project Runway”? Heidi and the rest of the judges were all over that dress. Two points to make. #1: YOU could have made that dress. I think I have some of that “star” material left over from some 4th of July shorts I made for ya’ll. Creativity, thinking out of the box? A sewn tube, cut into 2 pieces.WOW!! and her inspiration was an artist? #2 I love it when they say “I would totally wear that dress”. Well I guess I would too if I was 6’3″, weighed 93 pounds and looked like her. But then again, she could wear a torn, stained clothing and look good. Thanks for the great looks for the fashionable “everywoman”!

    • Ok, I actually wanted to call you after that episode. I KNEW you’d be watching it. Not only was I appalled at the star dress, but WHAT IS ALEXANDRIA STILL DOING IN THE COMPETITION? No more poopy pants with crop tops please! Kate’s outfit was a little ugly, I’ll admit, but overall I think she was one of the top designers… And I agree with you on the “I would totally wear that.” Heidi would look good in a potato sack, so that comment doesn’t count!!!

  4. Courtney Davis says:

    I often get compliments on the way that I “effortlessly” put things together. And I always thinks (and sometimes say), thanks, but no one can put stuff together better than my friend from college Julie!! I have always loved your outfit combinations and still do!! =D

  5. I just want to let you know….. My best friend and I started doing this after I read your post. It really does make you put some effort into what you wear!! Thanks for the idea!!!!

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