Summer Cleaning and Sex

It was “summer cleaning” at work, and everyone was assigned a duty. Mine was to clean the sales office.

I’m pretty sure this space hasn’t been cleaned… maybe ever? So it was a daunting task.

After sweeping up several trash bags of dead roaches, dust rabbits, and… hair (Gag… that’s what you get with four women sharing an office)… I could see the progress.

As I was putting away the last clear plastic container of odds and ends, it occurred to me.

Cleaning up is a lot like having sex.

With my preferred mode of transportation.

With my preferred mode of transportation.

I never really want to do it. But when it’s over, I’m always really glad I did it!

I shared this analogy with Todd, who looked at me with a blank stare.

Him: Are you saying that having sex with me is like cleaning your office?

Me: Well…yes. But I’m also saying that I should really do it more often!

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4 thoughts on “Summer Cleaning and Sex

  1. Lynette Ramer says:

    OK beautiful, wonderful girl, 2 questions…..,.,what was Todd’s answer (or return remark) and I love your clean-clothes,m especially the heels. Your Aunt Net definitely needs to work on her dressing skills. ……:) xoxoxo


  2. Heather Dolhi says:

    Oh I’m so glad someone said what we are all thinking! My husband just informed me the other day that if we want another baby we will have to have sex again – a lot and often were his exact words. 🙂

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