Why Every Little Boy Needs a Fort Kit

Over the last three years, we have spent approximately $107,499.99 on crap… with which Colt never plays.

Cars, trucks, balls, trains…

Springy-flashy-bouncy-things that vibrate and roar and come with 2,000 tiny parts.

And then we have spent another $25,499.99 on storage bins and lids and labels and baskets to compartmentalize the crap, so that my mother doesn’t call the fire inspector.

And despite all this excess, do you know what my son wants to play with?

A tadpole net from the dollar store.

He takes his little net into his little tent, which he builds with his blanket and some old rope that my husband found in his trunk.

(Which led to me interrogate him for 30 minutes as to WHY exactly there would be a long piece of rope in his trunk…. “Um, for tying the trunk down when I’m carrying something oversized?” he said …Phew, not a serial killer.)

He has since banned me from watching Dateline.

When I saw this gift idea on Pinterest, I thought….Eureka!

A Fort Kit.

This is all little boys really want.

The Fort Kit

The Fort Kit

Today Colt and I went shopping for the stuff to make one for his friend Cameron.

Who better to consult on fort building than a soon-to-be-3-year-old.

It was so successful, I’ve decided I’m never shopping for toys in the toy section again.

The next time Colt deserves a reward – I’m bringing him to housewares.

I just filled a laundry bag!

I just filled a laundry bag!

There, he can pick out some clothespins that are 50 for $1.00. Or maybe some twine or rope or duck tape. Rubber gloves. Flashlights.

Anything Survivorman or Mcyever might need.

Contents of the Kit

Contents of the Kit

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7 thoughts on “Why Every Little Boy Needs a Fort Kit

  1. Patty Henderson says:

    Love it!!! You will find Connor ,Jake & I at Ace Hardware tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Pardon me as I giggle! In an effort to squeeeeeeeze one last summer out of our nifty wood playlet, yesterday I put black curtains from Wal-Mart up in the little clubhouse windows miraculously transforming it to The Kid Fort! Complete with a bucket on a rope for snack deliveries.

  3. Kelly says:

    How fun! I bet Cam loved it!

  4. Lynda Chandler says:

    I hope Cam loves his gift, as so much love and thought was put into it!

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