Yesterday was my sister’s bridal shower.

I am so thrilled that she found Dan. It’s obvious that he loves her in the same way we do – for her quirky, air-heady, adorable nature.

And as we celebrated the start of her looooooong journey. I started thinking about what makes a good marriage.

Sis, here’s my advice.



1. There will be a day that you wake up and can’t stand your husband.

His pile of dirty clothes in the corner. His unkempt toenails. His bad breath.

But remember that there will also be a day when he will remove a 10-pound ball of blonde hair from the shower drain. Choke down a chicken casserole you made for the first time. Hold your ponytail back as you puke your guts up.

I once read that the key to a lifelong marriage was not wanting a divorce at the same time.

There will come a day when you want out. But he will knock some sense into your crazy ass, and you’ll make it through another day.

Because love –  is a two-way street.

2. It’s OK if things get boring.

I used to vow to never be one of those couples with nothing to say to each other. Those 80-year-old cotton-tops in Cracker Barrel – just eating.

But when I think about what they’ve been through – babies, wars, lay-offs, birthdays, graduations, funerals – maybe there’s nothing left to say?

And that’s OK.

3. Lastly – and this is a collection of a few random thoughts –

Laugh at his jokes even if they aren’t funny.

Say you’re sorry even if you’re secretly not.

Give him a hug even when you don’t feel like it.

Tell him you love him for no reason at all.

Chances are, he’s already doing these things for you.

I love you sis! And I look forward to our double-dates 50 years from now. At the Cracker Barrel.

The Marriage Advice You Didn’t Ask For

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2 thoughts on “The Marriage Advice You Didn’t Ask For

  1. Karen says:

    Ross and I have another secret to a long marriage. We agreed that the one who wanted the divorce had to take the kids. This may not work if you have an a child like Colt , but for children like ours, it worked for us ;).

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