Honesty at the Zoo

Today we went to the zoo. It was a beautiful day (82-degrees in the dead of winter) and the animals were all out frolicking under the sun.

At Colt’s insistence, we wandered into the snake exhibit to see the giant Burmese python.

As we watched through the plate glass, a nice little girl and her daddy walked up next to us.

“Do you know what kind of snake that is Lily?” the nice daddy asked his daughter.

“That’s a Burmese Python” he said smiling.

“And do you know how pythons catch their prey?” he asked Lily in his friendly daddy voice. Lily shook her curly head and looked up at him.

“Well, first they bite their prey to injure them. Sometimes these are mice or other small mammals. Did you know they can eat animals that weigh as much as they do?”


“Then they lunge at their prey and wrap their large bodies around them,” he continued.

“Then they squeeeeeeeze the animal until it’s dead and eat it whole. And that’s why they’re called constrictors. Can you say con-strict-or, Lily?”

Lily nodded and smiled. Perhaps she was used to living with such a descriptive parent. Perhaps she watches “Wild Killers” on Saturday morning instead of “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” so this is NO BIG DEAL.

But my son thinks that snakes go “SSSSSSSSSSS” and that’s about it. And that was FINE with me until today. Now I have to explain the Circle of Life to a 2-year-old. Thanks a lot.

Luckily we managed to avoid Lily and Jack Hanna for the rest of the afternoon.

Feeding the Lorikeets

Feeding the Lorikeets

Especially in the Lorikeet exhibit where one bird kept kicking the other bird in the face, so he could get to the nectar we bought to feed the birdies.

I could see Lily’s daddy now…

“Sometimes animals kick other animals in the face to show dominance. Someday that kicking birdie will become stronger and bigger, and the other birdie will die of starvation. And that’s why we call it Survival of the Fittest, Lily”

Mostly I was glad we didn’t run into Mr. Wikipedia in the underwater exhibit. Where the manatees were sixty-nining.

Colt thought they were giving each other a bear-hug. Those silly manatees!

Oh, look, frogs!

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