College Girls in See-Through Leggings

My husband Todd just started his first semester at the University of South Florida.

Since he’s studying physical education, he’s taking a lot of really “physical” classes. Like golf. Tennis. And cardio weight training. (This is a fancy name for aerobics.) He calls it his “dance” class.

His first day of school I asked how the dance class went. His face lit up like a Christmas tree. “Great!” he said.

Really? I was surprised at his enthusiasm. (If you know my husband, you know it takes a lot to get him excited.)

“There’s only like five other guys in the class.” He paused. “But that’s cool.”

“Out of how many?” I asked.

“Forty…or so…” he said nonchalantly.


“You would not believe how tight these college girls wear their panty-hose these days,” he said. “They’re almost see-through!”

Panty-hose? (Is this a real conversation?)

“You mean leggings.” I asked.

“Yeah! Leggings. That’s what you call them.”

Forty 18-year-old girls dancing around in leggings so tight you wouldn’t believe it. Sounds like a challenging course.

Then he pulls out his “text book.” It’s got his instructor on the cover. Double Ds if I had to guess… Size 2 waist… J.Lo ass. She’s posing, boobs out, on the cover.

“Is that a collegiate text book or a Playboy?” I asked.

(It’s going to be really hard for me to take him seriously when he’s prepping for exams.)

In all fairness, he is taking Anatomy and a couple of other more difficult classes. Although I’m sure he’ll find those less “stimulating” than “dance” class with J. Lo and the See-Through Panty-Hose-Wearing Rockettes.

Funny thing is, I’m not that jealous really. I actually think it’s kind of cute that he’s so excited about it.

Enjoy yourself, honey. College goes by so fast…

You’ll be back to reality before you know it.

9 thoughts on “College Girls in See-Through Leggings

  1. Anna Pryor says:

    HA! Love this dialogue šŸ™‚ Lucky for me, Kell’s in a really nerdy degree program. Can’t imagine too many hotties taking or teaching Analog Communication. By the way… how did you and I end up being the working spouse while our husbands

  2. Anna Pryor says:

    get to be carefree students?

    • dailybee2 says:

      Right?!! They may see plenty of hotties at school, but they’ve got SUGAR MOMMAS at home! šŸ™‚ XOXO

      • Tom Pierce says:

        Cousin: I earnestly commend your amusing and creative writing! Who knew?! It must be in our genes! I wish my students over the years were as polished and imaginative as you obviously are. Keep up the efforts. Never mind the TV show, it’s you proving that America’s got talent!
        Cousin Tommy.

  3. erin says:

    lol, you handled that well….i’d be so madly jealous!

  4. dailybee2 says:

    Thanks Tommy! That means a lot coming from you!!! Hugs to you and Gina šŸ™‚

  5. Cousin Cary :) says:

    Ack! I took a running class my last semester at AppState. Three girls wore leggings every day, and no joke, I saw their underwear EVERY CLASS. I didn’t know if I should point it out…I mean, they have to notice it on each other, don’t they ever check themselves? I went home the first day and tried on every pair of leggings I owned to do an undies check – even though I don’t consider them pants and wont wear them without a tunic or dress anyway.

    I also saw girls around campus sporting the look on their way to class. Is it a conscious fashion statement? Why not just get it over with and wear a body stocking? I’m still so confused…so confused.

  6. Chip Hinton says:

    Hey Kiddo. I tracked your latest entry to your home and read the rest. Found the dairy trip and butt sniffing. Your mother was right (Aren’t they always?). You need to continue, not just for the catharsis it provides, but because it adds to what is good about this world. Thank you. It was a one way conversation, but fulfilling, nonetheless.

    • dailybee2 says:

      Aww, thanks Chip! That means a lot. I think I will continue writing, I really enjoy it – wish I could make money doing it, haha! Hope you and Jemy are doing well and having fun!

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